Driven by the desire to seamlessly combine new-age 3D printing with traditional wood-crafting techniques, Kit-lamp is a clever flat-pack LED floor lamp which comes together without any adhesives or additional hardware. It can be assembled and disassembled easily and it comes in a kit, hence the name.

Kit-lamp features 3D-printed stainless steel parts that join American White Ash parts together.


The lamp is outfitted with an energy efficient LED light, whilst hiding the working components internally within the narrow dowel forms. The 3D-printed stainless steel connectors celebrate the junctions between traditional craft of woodworking and new technology stainless steel printing.

“My design intention was to provide a final product which made use of the efficiency of new technology and combine this with the bespoke beauty of traditional hand-crafted wood. All the while creating a form which stood true to my minimal design style and elegance”